Workout Music

There really is no “workout music” genre but most people will admit that they have a certain playlist that they play when they exercise. This list will often contain high octane music that will get your body moving. Most people will admit that listening to music makes working out more exciting and it helps them get through the workout. Most of the best workout music will be very intense and this is exactly what you need to be able to have a good workout. The problem however is that most people have no idea what to listen to and they are confused as to which artists to focus on. Here are some of the best artists to come out with great workout music.

Hip Hop/Rap Music

Some of the best workout music that you can listen to will come from this genre. The genre is focused on having a fast and energetic feel that will have you feeling hyper throughout the whole workout.


Eminem is arguably one of the few rappers that has perfected the art of creating legit workout music. This is something that he probably did not expect when he first started out making music as he it truly just expressing his emotions. His delivery of his lines and the meanings behind his songs make for great workout songs. His albums have been very intense and cadences of his music are perfect for those who want to be active in the gym.


Pitbull is arguably one of the most famous artists out there today and he is not exactly like every artist. He has a unique approach to his music and it really gets people wanting to move and his songs make for the best workout music. The nice thing about Pitbull’s approach to music is that his style just never seems to get old and so people continue to listen to him. His songs are very fast and so they will certainly help you break that first sweat.

-David Guetta

This music maker is famous for making some of the most addictive beats in the hip hop world today. However, his music is more catered to pop music but it is liked by many people. The beats that he makes have been heard all over the world and he continuously makes music for some of the best artists in the world.

Relaxing Smooth Jazz

Some people however are able to workout to relaxing music and this is really all about preference. Smooth jazz is created for people that want to feel relaxed and so they can be more focused on their workout. If you are able to add a few relaxing songs into your playlist, you will surely have a good mix of workout songs.

-Kenny G

Kenny G is arguably one of the most talented saxophonists to ever live and he has been creating some of the best music. His slow and relaxing style has allowed people to calm down to become more focused on the task at hand. Sometimes you do not have to feel hyper to have a good workout and you just have to be more focused. Kenny G’s music will have you feeling more focused and ready to attack your next workout.

Rock Music

-Kid Rock

He has been able to be one of the most know rock artists and he has made some of the best workout music for peopel to listen to. His songs are very “hardcore” and will get you in that “angry” mood. Sometimes people like to feel this way while they workout and Kid Rock will surely help you get into that mood. However, his music is really focused on being fun and also energetic.

Overall, choosing your perfect workout music is really all about preference and figuring out what it is you like to listen to. Try your best to create a playlist of all your favorite songs and then put that into your mp3 player. Once you have the perfect workout playlist, you will be able to finally start to “want” to workout and it will never feel like a chore ever again. Take your time with choosing songs and just keep adding to the playlists every time you find a new song. Working out should always be fun and music surely helps make that happen.