Pump Up Songs

A fond memory for me is waiting to leave the locker room and hearing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ playing over the loud speakers, beckoning us to enter the arena. The crowd is cheering, the music is blaring and the adrenaline is pumping; these are the great effects of a pump song. So, what is a pump up song? Pump up songs get your heart racing, increase your adrenaline, you can physically feel yourself getting excited and they even boost your confidence. These songs can effect you emotionally, physically and can give you that extra boost that you need.

Emotionally, pump songs are there to get you ready for whatever you are about to tackle. These songs are not only great if you are about to play in a sport, but for beginning your run or even if you are in an academic bowl. Pump up songs are there to give you confidence, to make you feel like you can conquer whatever lays before you. These songs don’t even have to be something you normally would listen to, but they strike a cord in you. For example, TNT by AC/DC, Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, Lose Yourself By Eminem or We Will Rock You by Queen are all different types of music, but if they inspire you to go and do your best, that is an essential key to a pump song.

Workout songs really do have a physical effect on a person. Have you ever watched a hockey team up close, right before they enter the ice and music starts playing? You can see them start moving faster, pumping their fists, jostling each other and their faces show their excitement and eagerness to enter the ice. When I played basketball and traveled to the game we would listen to music that would get us excited and our energy levels up. Music has the ability to make us forget if we are tired, it can fill our energy tanks and it can help us narrow our focus on the task at hand.

Songs that seem to get your heart racing and make you want to go out and give it your all are very important. The ability these songs have to enhance your performance have even been studied on a scientific level. An Online Journal of Sport Psychology has an article specifically about music and athletic performance. This tells us that there is a link between music and performance. Pump up songs can help you get ready to go to the gym and work out, can help you have the energy to run and they can help you get ready for whatever sport it is that you play. Whether you are listening to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Guerilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine, Till I Collapse by Eminem or Sure Shot by Beastie Boys; these pump songs can really help in focusing one’s attention and helping them forget their fatigue they might have. The best way to figure out which songs are your best pump songs is listening to songs you like and noting how you react to them and what they make you want to do.