Great Workout Songs

Working out in its self can be very hard. It’s difficult to have the motivation to begin working out and to continue working out. Music can be a great tool in inspiring one to get up and get working out. Great workout songs can be a powerful tool and asset in one’s goal to achieving a great workout. The questions that you need to ask yourself is what makes a great workout song and why do you need to a great workout song.

There are certain components that can be looked at in deciding what makes a great workout song. Does the song elicit an emotion like happiness or even anger? Does the song have a good steady beat to it; you want to make sure it does not drag on. Does it make you want to get moving? Does it make get pumped up? Is there some type of physical response to the music? These workout songs need to make you respond. Music has the ability to make your heart beat fast and your breathing rate to increase. Some examples of great workout songs are I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas, Bust a Move by Young MC, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, Dirty by Christina Aguilera and Vertigo by U2.

So why is it important to use great songs while working out? If music has the ability to effect your heart beat and breathing rate, then you should use it to your advantage. Try deciding what your workout goals are. Music will mean nothing if you do not have workout goals and are actively trying to meet them. Also, the music you pick can sabotage your workouts. Even if you love certain songs, if they are too slow, draining or depressing, they will not help you in your workout.  These songs need to be able to match up with the goals you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to run long distances, fit in a 30 minute workout session, lift weights, dance or do yoga? Different songs will work better for different types of workouts. Songs with more beats per minutes will be great as “book ends” of your run or cycle session and songs that are steady and not too fast are great for the middle of a running session.

Working out can be made easier by using great workout songs. There are plenty to choose from and many that can assist you in reaching your goals. Working out can be a challenge, but great workouts have the ability to focus your attention and help you forget about your fatigue.