Workout Songs – Creating The Perfect Score

Choosing good workout songs is just as important as choosing a good workout plan.  The music you work out to is critical to staying motivated and committed to your goals.

The Perfect Score

The beat and tempo of the music can help set your pace to maintain the desired intensity levels of your workout.  Certain music can help you work through your warm-up stage with a low impact beat.  As your intensity increases, the music should put out a higher tempo and, along the way, music can provide markers as a reminder for your interval training segments.  Reaching the peak of intensity, you need an uplifting beat with a steady tempo.  Finally, after your new “Personal Best”, the tempo slows as you begin the cool-down.

Like the music score of an intense action film, your work-out songs can direct your emotions and focus your concentration to reach ever-changing new heights of achievement.

Why Should You Care?

Music can serve as a powerful tool to trigger your dominant emotions that are attached to your core purpose for achieving your set goals.  Your “Why” is even more important than your “How” in accomplishing your goals.  If your WHY is strong enough, then your HOW can be tested and modified until you achieve your desired results.

The Power Of Music

There are many ways to train ourselves to stay focused and motivated on a task, but none are more powerful than our emotional attachment to music.  Have you ever heard a song from your past and immediately became transfixed on the events and emotions surrounding your memory of that song?  It can trigger both good and bad emotions.

Focus on those songs from your past that create high positive emotions that are uplifting and inspiring.  They can often be a great source of motivation and can help you recommit to forgotten but worthy goals and dreams.

Choose your workout songs carefully.  Experiment with new songs, but always be aware of the emotions they trigger.

Here are some tips in choosing your workout songs:

  • Do they provide you motivation on a daily basis?
  • Do they stimulate your senses and boost your energy levels?
  • Do you feel empowered to break down your barriers and reach new “Personal Bests”?
  • Does your workout music remind you WHY you are committed to your goals?
  • Do you feel positive emotions from your Music?

If you are not excited and “pumped-up” every time you hear one of your work out songs then it’s time to change things up.  There are lots of distractions in life, begging for our attention and keeping us from concentrating and staying focused on our goals.

Even music can be a distraction, sometimes causing our minds to focus on unpleasant thoughts or memories.  Some music may not inspire us at all.  This may be even worse.  Some music can put a listener into a mindless trance for hours with discordant notes and mind numbing tones.  Sadly, this does more than just dull the senses.  If music doesn’t stir up any emotions inside of you, then you’re likely not to take any action, what so ever.  At best, listening to this kind of music is the biggest waste of time.

On the other hand, the uplifting beat from your favorite action movie that builds with intensity with every scene, can cause us to want to jump from our seats and take massive action, giving us the feeling that we can conquer the world.

The right kind of music can be used as a powerful tool to re-boot our emotions and to refocus our attention on positive, productive thoughts that inspire us to achieve our dreams.  Don’t waste your workout time with music that doesn’t lift your spirits and take you to a higher plane of thought.

Tell us your favorite workout songs and how do they inspire you?